Friday, September 21, 2012

Muffler made using knitting loom

Materials Used:

Knitting wool:160 gms
Knitting loom
Knitting Needle/crochet needle - 1


  • Cut the Woollen thread into equal sizes to make tassels.The number of threads should be equal to the number of nails on the Knitting loom.

  • Fold each thread into half and make knots so as to make tassels.

  • Insert each tassel on to the nails.

  • Insert tassels to all the nails on the knitting loom.

  • As we insert the thread on the nails push the thread down through the gap on the knitting loom.

  • Now tie the Ball thread On to the first nail.

  • Start winding the thread on to the nails leaving next nail in the shape of eight.

  • Once we reach the end of the knitting loom wind on to the left out nails and come back..

  • After winding on to all the nails on the loom.start taking the lower thread out of the nail with the help of a knitting needle or crochet needle. (Initially you can see two threads on the nail when you remove the lower thread only one thread will remain.)

  • Once all the lower threads are removed start winding again as done before. Then again remove the threads. Continue repeating the same till your desired length is reached.

  • I have made 11/2 meters in length with 160 gms of wool. Leave some thread for making tassels for the other side.

  • To make the tassels on the other side. you again need to cut the thread of same length.

  • Fold the thread into half.

  • Insert on to the nail.and hold tight.

  • Pull and remove the lower thread onto the folded thread .

  • Remove the folded thread out and make a knot by bringing the tail thread through the loop.

  • As you do like this, all the thread on the nails will get removed and will come out of the knitting loom.

  • And finally you can tie the left over thread tight and cut off thread.And there............... your muffler is DONE.

Feel proud and happy .... while wearing it or by gifting it .......:)))

(Pattern Courtesy: Deepa Sivakumar)


Anupama said...

How can we tie the knot on the knitting loom after tying the tassels? Is it with a normal knot? Please reply soon. It would be a great help if you would enlarge the seventh image. Thanks!

NithaMathish said...

Anupama, we can put a normal knot.

NithaMathish said...

I hv enlarged the pic.