Sunday, April 11, 2010

Metal embossing- Radha & krishna

It was after a long gap of 13 yrs that I was doing Metal Embossing. My first Metal Embossing was a tough work for me.  In fact after doing it, I had made up my mind to never ever do a Metal Embossing again in my life :-)) .I always used to pity people who did metal embossing thinking of the hard times they would have undergone embossing the thick metal sheets. It was a surprise for me when I was told by Deepa that it was an easy job as thin metal sheets were available. But the tragedy was that we could not get them in Coimbatore or in Calicut. But Vanitha was not the one to sacrifice her desire of making metal embossing. She is the ultimate of perseverance. She made her husband, Bhuvan bring the sheet all the way from Trichi during one of his official trips. And now things were easy for me. I bought a sheet from  her and did this work.  Deepa was right metal Embossing is not that hard to do……

Yes Perseverance pays!.......and things seem difficult when we don't know how to go about it. Once in the right direction nothing is difficult or impossible.

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