Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Radha and Krishna on Putty Work

 Putty work is done using glass putty. I am my own guru for this work. I came to know about this material through Ruchi Nautiyal, a great friend of mine. It’s a wonderful material to work with. We can make various designs with our creativity and use enamel paint over it. I have done this work on tiles, pot and hardboard

Radha and krishna on putty work


Mathish said...

HI Nitha, fabulous creations...Keep blogging with more of it.

Rachana said...

Hi Nitha, i am really impressed by putty work. I would like to try my hand on it, will you be my guru and please let me know about what materials are used and how to do it??
thanks in advance

NithaMathish said...

Thank you rachana,the material I hv used is glass patty(a material used for fixing glass on windows)and enamel paint. you just have to shape this patty according to various designs.