Monday, January 11, 2010

Matty work

"His majesty at rest"

The Lady you see in this photograph is my father's mother Rudraniamma w/o “The Great” A.C Govindan. She had done cross stitch on Matty of this design decades back and my father proudly used to ask me to make a cross stitch of the same. In 1996, me, being inspired of my grandma whom I had never seen, made a copy of the same. Acchan was so happy to see my work. I still remember my grandfathers words written on that work” His majesty at rest” After that I made various deigns on matty cloth. It’s very easy to do, but requires lots of counting.

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lakshmi said...

beautiful cross stitch..cross stitch is not so simple..needs lots of concentration rt? counting n all..